The approach is a little different at our studio. You could say, we are a little atypical. Instead of trying to be everything, we we focus on what we do best – building awesome, affordable websites while giving you the best customer experience along the way.

Whatever your website needs, we are here to help, but you will never be asked to pay for services you don’t need.

Why the Mononymus name? Hey it works for Cher, Madonna, Pitbull and Sting….  All joking aside. Well, Davena is not a name you hear everyday.  My father’s name was David and Davena, which means beloved, is the feminine version.

Having owned and operated Stowers Computer Services for 23 years I decided it was time to embrace the name my father loved so much and the design studio Davena- Your Personal Website Assistant was born.  


I can help you get started today –